Chapter 1: Come Back With This Shield, or On It. Fort Devens, Massachusetts, to Piedimonte d'Alife, Italy. March-October 1943
  1. GIs of the 45th Infantry Division in France try on new jackets, oblivious of their dead enemy. What the hell, who'll be next? (Department of Defense)

  2. Joe Garland: a kid in a big cap (Collection of the author)

  3. Gas chamber No. 2. and other pictures from Camp Croft, South Carolina. Little did we know. (U.S. Army, December 1941)

  4. Second Platoon, Company C, 35th Infantry Battalion, Camp Croft, June 1943. Top row, fourth from left, Garland. Seventh from left, Dunleavy. Fourth row, in front of Garland, Goldfarb, then Furber. Below Dunleavy in the third row, Dave Goss. Standing, Corporals Mazurowski (left) and Magnuson (right). (U.S. Army)

  5. Naples liberated (U.S. Army)

  6. Chapter 2: Yeah, "Eager for Duty". Fort Sill, Oklahoma, to Algeria. September 1940-July 1943
  7. Stewart "Mickey" Smith (right) with Pullman (left) and Nye (Courtesy of William E. Woodhams)

  8. Chapter 3: Operation Barn Door. Sicily: Santa Croce Camerina to Messina. July-August 1943
  9. Casualties-and replacements (Department of Defense)

  10. The engineers precariously repair Highway 113 on the north coast, blown up by the methodically retreating Germans. (U.S. Army)
  11. Chapter 4: Sure, General, You Bastard, Five Days to Naples. Italy: Salerno to Piedimonte d'Alife. September-October 1943
  12. Eboli (Department of Defense)


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